Free Air in Hillsboro, Oregon


There is 1 business in Hillsboro, Oregon with free air pumps:

  • Chevron

    Address: 2281 NW 185th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124, USA
    City: Hillsboro
    State: Oregon

Gas Stations with Air Pumps in Hillsboro, Oregon and Nearby

Ten nearby gas stations have air pumps with compressed air. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to confirm if they're paid or not. Be the first to check and assist other users!

Do you know any other locations in Hillsboro, Oregon (e.g. bicycle shops, gas stations, tire stores, convenience stores) that provide free air pumps for either cars, bicycles, or trucks? That's great! Click the button below and let us know.

We review all submissions and add our own on a weekly basis. The next planned update of free air pumps in Hillsboro, Oregon is on July 29, 2024.

Cities Near Hillsboro

There are several cities near Hillsboro with locations where you can access free air for tires:

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