Free Air Near Me in Wyoming

There are 33 locations in 19 cities in Wyoming offering free air pumps for your tires. In 2 spots, you can access free air for bicycles only, and 31 businesses provide free air for cars and bikes.

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Is Air for Tires Free in Wyoming?

We've discovered 33 locations in Wyoming offering free compressed air for tires. Additionally, we have 232 gas stations with air pumps in our database awaiting verification by our users. Unfortunately, gas stations in Wyoming aren't legally required to provide free air.

I'd like to extend a special thank you to all users from Wyoming who have dedicated their time to mapping and verifying these locations. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
- Tom (Chief Editor)

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Is Air Free at Gas Stations in Wyoming?

There are 24 gas stations offering free air for your tires:

Do you know any other locations in Wyoming (e.g. gas stations, bicycle shops, tire stores, convenience stores) that provide free air pumps for either cars, bicycles, or trucks? That's great! Click the button below and let us know.

We review all submissions and add our own on a weekly basis. The next planned update of free air pumps in Wyoming is on July 29, 2024.

Is It Legal for Gas Stations to Charge for Air in Wyoming?

Not every gas station in Wyoming offers free tire air. There's a chance that some gas stations could ask for a fee if you want to use their air pumps, and there are also places that might not have air pumps at all. Gas stations in Wisconsin aren't under any legal obligation to provide free air for tires. Usually, though, you can locate free air at the majority of tire shops, car repair stations, and bike shops.
When you're traveling in Wyoming in winter, it's important to know about the chain law that's in effect for specific highway sections during hazardous or extremely hazardous conditions. This law mandates that vehicles need to be equipped with tire chains, suitable snow tires, or all-wheel-drive vehicles, depending on the level of restriction. For further details about the chain law and additional winter travel advice, you can check out the Wyoming Department of Transportation website.

What Cities in Wyoming Have Locations with Free Air Pumps?

Below is an alphabetical list of all cities in Wyoming where our users have already mapped businesses offering free air for your tires:

AAlpine (1)
BBuffalo (1)
CCasper (2), Cheyenne (7), Cokeville (1)
GGillette (3)
KKemmerer (1)
LLander (1), Laramie (4), Lovell (1)
MMills (1), Moorcroft (1)
PPowell (1)
RRawlins (1), Riverton (1), Rock Springs (3)
SSaratoga (1), Sheridan (1)
WWheatland (1)

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