Free Air at Shell Gas Stations in Oregon


There are 3 Shell gas stations in Oregon, where you can access free air pumps:

  • Shell

    Address: 1680 Ocean Blvd NW, Coos Bay, OR 97420, USA
    City: Coos Bay
    State: Oregon
    Comments: There is an air pump on the west side of the station near the north corner.

  • Shell

    Address: 304 Merlin Rd, Merlin, OR 97532, USA
    City: Merlin
    State: Oregon
    Comments: You can get free air here, but the air hose doesn't have a pressure gauge. So, you may need to ask the store worker for a gauge and check the pressure of your tires regularly while inflating them to make sure they reach the correct pressure level.

  • Shell

    Address: 451 W Corey Ct, Roseburg, OR 97470, USA
    City: Roseburg
    State: Oregon

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We review all submissions and add our own on a weekly basis. The next planned update of gas stations with free air pumps in Oregon is on May 20, 2024.

Gas Stations in Oregon with Free Air

Gas Stations with Air Pumps in the Oregon Awaiting Verification

The 120 Shell gas stations are awaiting verification. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to verify whether they offer free or paid air for tires. Be the first to check it out for us and help other users. Here are a few you can check:

Cities in Oregon with Free Air Pumps

AAshland (1)
BBaker City (1), Beaverton (3), Bend (1)
CCave Junction (1), Coos Bay (1)
EEugene (9)
HHalsey (1), Hillsboro (1)
LLa Grande (1)
MMedford (2), Merlin (1)
NNewport (1)
PPortland (14)
RRoseburg (1)
SSalem (1), St. Helens (1)

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